7 Things You Should Know Before You Invest in $BWLD Tokens

7 Things You Should Know Before You Invest in $BWLD Tokens

Bowled, a sports-tech and gameFi project based in Singapore, has been making waves in the crypto and gameFi communities with its successful IDOs on DAO Maker and GameFi, massive volume on free mint, and an exciting ready product and roadmap to back it all up. Bowled’s ecosystem token, $BWLD, is scheduled to get listed on Gate.io and other exchanges on 27 March at 10:00 a.m. UTC. The tokens are minted on the Binance Smart Chain. 

Considering the existing data points and successful events, people appear to be bullish on the project. So we did a deep dive, and here are 7 things you should know before you invest in $BWLD tokens. 

  1. Project Progress: Bowled collaborates with IP holders to create innovative fan engagement solutions to help them connect with their passionate fanbase. They launched their first product, Bowled.io, a cricket-focused gameFi, in 2022 and currently hosts 8+ fantasy and hypercasual games, 150k+ active users, and 3M+ games played. They have grown organically and have built an active on-ground and online community. They also provide “platform-as-a-service” to their partner studios globally.
  2. Roadmap and Revenue Model: Alongside scaling the existing product, Bowled will be expanding into other sports, such as MMA, basketball, football, F1 and tennis and will build fun and engaging platforms for IP holders and sports fans. They’re also building a prediction market product, Predify, to act as a prediction layer for sports and gaming communities. From a revenue perspective, Bowled records revenue from multiple avenues such as platform transaction fees and commissions, sale of assets and userbase monetisation.
  1. Investors and Partners: Bowled has partnered with many institutions and individuals to create an ecosystem of gaming studios, IP holders, gaming guilds, esports teams, content creators and influencers, and web3 giants. They are backed by Sky Mavis (operators of Axie Infinity), YGG and several other institutional and popular angel investors.
  2. Successful IDOs: Bowled hosted its IDO on DAO Maker and GameFi and saw massive demand from the community. On DAO Maker, $BWLD saw an 86x oversubscription with more than 5M+ USDT deposits. The tokens were sold within 12 seconds on GameFi’s first-come-first-serve round. Bowled also hosted a free mint, which got hyper-interest from the community, raising the floor price exponentially. 
  1. Team: Bowled boasts a dynamic and celebrated team of serial entrepreneurs, gamers and game builders, tech geeks, cricket lovers, web3 natives, content creators and professional athletes who’ve not only worked with the biggest companies such as McKinsey, Disney, MGM, Morgan Stanley, and more but have also built billion-dollar sports businesses.
  1. $BWLD Tokenomics and Utility: $BWLD has a fixed supply of 500M tokens, and its tokenomics is designed so that 51% of tokens are allocated to the community. Their whitepaper has a detailed breakdown of tokenomics. $BWLD token holders are entitled to a range of benefits. $BWLD tokens will find key utilities on the platform in the coming months, such as platform transactions, governance, buying assets and early access to new features and updates. Staking will also be introduced, which, alongside a range of benefits, will enable users to get whitelisted for future airdrops and platforms. Every new platform built will also exponentially increase the utility and value of $BWLD tokens. 
  1. Listing Details
  • Ticker: BWLD
  • Blockchain Network: Binance Smart Chain
  • Listing Exchange: Gate.io
  • Listing Time: March 27, 2024 10:00:00 UTC
  • Token Smart contract: 0x067BD9825C92a4384f55B4Cb8FcAeaEfFfcD490e
  • Token Supply: 500M
  • Initial Market Cap: $2.275M
  • Fully Diluted Valuation: $35M

Important Links:
Website: www.bowled.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bowleddotio

Whitepaper: https://bowled-io.gitbook.io/bowled.io-white-paper/

App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bowled.Bowled  

Discord: https://discord.gg/DB23M6bx4v

Newsletter: https://bowleddotio.substack.com/

Email: [email protected]