World Cup Bear – Extremely hot project coming soon to catch up with World Cup 2022

World Cup Bear – Extremely hot project coming soon to catch up with World Cup 2022

As the countdown to the beginning of the FIFA World Cup continues, it has been announced that Qatar will play host to the tournament from November 21 through December 18, 2022. This will be the 22nd time that the tournament has been held. Everyone from young children to senior citizens can’t wait to see their favorite teams compete for the title.

World Cup Bear – The revolution of traditional betting – will pave the way for Gamefi adoption by moving forward with a series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to commemorate the FIFA World Cup in 2022. This news was announced during the excitement surrounding this year’s World Cup. On the site, it is possible to mint new NFTs, as well as purchase, sell, and trade existing ones.

I. World Cup Bear NFT Collection Overview

According to the white paper published by World Cup Bear, the NFT Collection includes 6,666 World Cup Bears, featuring 32 national teams’ World Cup 2022 jerseys. 

Only Bears that wear the World Cup 2022 5-stars national teams’ jerseys, such as Brazil Bear, Argentina Bear, or England Bear can be upgraded to the Star-bear, with more exclusive rewards… 

And here is the exciting news that you can’t miss: We are very pleased to announce that World Cup Bear NFT Collection will be available for sale on November 3rd

➤ Details of the sale event will be announced shortly

Don’t miss this extremely valuable opportunity to make a lot of profit before the World Cup takes place!

II. NFTs’ Utilities

1. Rewards

There is a list of 32 national teams’ potential to win the prize this year. If you have the NFTs from the winning team, you will earn the World Cup Reward, which is calculated by: Mint price x odds percentage.

For example, Brazil is the most potential team to win the prize, with an odds of 1/450. Then if you have a Brazilian player NFT, maybe Neymar, at a mint price of 3 ETH, your World Cup Reward would be 3 x 1/450 = 0.007 ETH.

2. Burn-to-Earn Mechanism

Each minted World Cup Bear NFT has its own value, which is calculated by $1,500 BUST + amount of the other unburnt NFTs, and generates the same amount of token after being burned.
Current Price = 1,500 BUST + 6,667 = 8,167 BUST

The World Cup Bear platform only permits an NFT burning per day. NFT holders are required to place the NFT into the burning pots and first come first served. For those who are already in the pots waiting for their turns, you cannot use them to place a bet on Bear Exchange or earn any benefits.

3. Stake-to-Earn

You may also stake the NFTs that you acquire in order to obtain exceptionally lucrative “sleep” rebase payouts, as described as follows:

World Cup Bear: With every bear you stake,  it generates 20 $BUST per day
World Cup Star-Bear: With every Star-bear you stake, it generates 60 $BUST per day. 

Let’s wait until every bear sold out for an equal-staking rewards

4. Bet to Earn

Lastly, using World Cup Bear NFT as the most basic way to assess into the Bear Betting Exchange. Here, you can place your bets with the exchange odds, or find other bookies’ odds that are more interesting for you.

The Bear Betting App is set to be released 7 days before the first World Cup game starts. 

III. Introducing World of Lucky Bear

You may increase the earnings you generate from your NFT holdings by using our one-of-a-kind platform. The owner of an NFT receives the privilege of entering the Lucky Bear World with each new token that is produced.

The following are some of the features currently available on the World of Lucky Bear platform:
● Betting Exchange: Finding the correct bookie and odds to make your bets and profit from them is essential when using a betting exchange.
● Swapping: Enables you to purchase BUST with one currency and convert the winnings you’ve accumulated to another.
● NFT Marketplace: Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or trade Lucky Bear NFTs, you can do all of that here. You can also get liquidated NFTs at a discount.
● TV: You will be invited to join the team and other Bears’ holders to watch all 64 matches of the World Cup 2022.

IV. Tokenomics

$BUST is the native token for every activity in the World Cup Bear World. BUST is based on the ERC-21 Smart Contract standard and runs on Ethereum. There are only 55M in supply with an efficient token maintaining plan. 

The outstanding point from tokenomics is the Token Re-fill Mechanism. This mechanism is built for the case of when reaching the total supply limit, but remains the same level of rewards, in which mined-token pool is refilled by two main sources: NFT Transactions’ Royalties Fee and World Cup Bear Betting Exchange.

BUST Halving Plan and NFT staking rewards

➧ Release:
Normal Bear = 20 BUST/day
Star-Bear = 60 BUST/day

➧ 1st Halving
Normal Bear = 10 BUST/day
Star-Bear = 30 BUST/day

➧ 2nd Halving
Normal Bear = 5 BUST/day
Star-Bear = 15 BUST/day

➧ 3rd Halving
Normal Bear = 2.5 BUST/day
Star-Bear = 7.5 BUST/day

NFT Transactions’ Royalties Fee

Every NFT Transaction only accepts BUST. There is an amount of 8% in revenue that hold by the team for and separated into two purposes:

  • Back to Pool 4% of revenue: It is drained back to the pool to maintain the same level of rewards for the NFT Stakers
  • Back to Team 4% of revenue: It is the investment into the team for further project’s development

V. World Cup Bear Betting Exchange

This function will help you to find the right bookie and oddd to place and earn from your bets.

For Bookies: World Cup Bear allows you to make odds that you think would generate the best benefits for yours. Pay a small fee to promote your odds to reach more bettors.

  • Easy to set different kind of odds.
  • Multi-leauges that can vary your offers.
  • Accessible Bear Bet community to promote your odds.

For Bettors: You will have tbe chance to connect with the right odds from the right bookies, matching with your budget, favourite teams and so on. Reach out to our Top Bookies list to get better offers.

  • User-friendly and personal customized platform.
  • Easy to Bet and High Liquidation.
  • Active community for beginners.

Directly get $BUST or transfer into other tokens with World Cup Bear Swap

World Cup Bear Swap Decentralized Exchange: We offer various of tokens for your better experience right on the World Cup Bear World

With us, your funds are safe here! We based on the most secure blockchain in the world and have a strong dev-team to counter all the risks!

VI. World Cup Bear NFT Marketplace

You can easily buy and sell NFTs on our Marketplace, with only BUST accepted.

Featuring the in-app Betting Exchange, you can directly buy an NFT then join the Bet right before the transaction finishes.

We also offer a very affordable exchange and gas fee. With every bear you have in your wallet, there is 1% off for a transaction every month.

VII. World Cup Bear TV

We won’t let you miss any games from any leagues. Stay here with us and enjoy the games with other BEARs!

VIII. Roadmap


Despite the market’s downturn, NFT Collections continues to demonstrate its coverage and its value. This is currently regarded as one of the prospective investment options and new delights for investors. However, nothing can be predicted, World Cup Bear is considered to be an appealing investment channel not only for long-term investors, but also a profitable possibility for new investors to enter the market.